About Legendz Carbon

Carbon Fiber Upgrades 
At Legendz Carbon, we manufacture the highest-quality Carbon Fiber Automotive Aerodynamic Products for European sports cars aimed at increasing the aerodynamic dimensions in order to reduce drag and increase vehicle stability at higher speeds. Our carbon fiber aero products can be easily added to upgrade your existing sports car's body frame and come with easy-to-use installation instructions.

If you are looking to upgrade your European sports cars with the best upgrades, choose our carbon fiber parts specially designed to provide a sleek, professional look combined with the most well-designed aerodynamics ever conceived.

"Design, Manufacturer & Performance - Carbon Fiber"

Welcome to Legendz Carbon, the source for carbon fiber exterior parts for your BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Infiniti, Volkswagen, and Tesla. Our unique stance in the auto industry allows us to provide the best carbon fiber parts and service possible. By working only with a handful of carbon fiber factories we are able to hone our production methods and tolerances which in turn produces the best quality and fitting parts for your vehicle.